Welcome to Aerie Web Design!

Hi there!  I’m Heather Armenise, owner and designer.  Aerie Web Design is my new creative (ad)venture, and I’m honestly feeling both crazy-excited, and utterly terrified.

Aerie was born out of a desire to keep myself sane during the madness that was 2020 – between the pandemic, and the political and racial unrest in the United States, I needed SOMETHING to keep my mind off the outside world!

Aerie Web Design Logo

I began with a book blog.  Prior to that, I had never touched a line of code in my life.  But I discovered I really enjoyed the whole process of designing a website, from the basic user experience, to the graphic design, to the development of a brand identity.

I enrolled in a bunch of online classes, and thanks to a fantastic course geared toward teaching women how to code, (called WordPress RockStar), I can officially call myself a Web Designer.

Starting any kind of business, especially one in a creative/technical field, was NEVER something I thought I would do.  But 2020 brought a lot of big changes to a lot of peoples’ lives, and it turns out they weren’t all bad!

So, let the adventure begin!  I’ve been busy building my portfolio, and with a couple more projects in progress, I’m pretty excited about the whole thing!  My ultimate goal is to carve out a niche building websites for authors – which makes perfect sense  considering this whole thing first started with my love of books! 

Aerie Secondary Logo
Aerie Secondary Logo

 As for this space, I’ll be sharing things like design tips,  mood boards, current projects, and cool stuff about colour and typography.  If you can think of any questions you’d like answered or any ideas for this space, feel free to chime in!

If you’re interested in having a new site built, or renovating your current site, I’d love to work with you!  Contact me anytime at heather@aeriewebdesign.ca