Website Design & Development

Jeris Jean is an up-and-coming romance author with several books published and several more coming soon.  She needed a new website and a re-brand to something more representative of her style.


  • Jeris Jean, Author


  • Web design&build
  • UI / UX
  • Instagram feed
  • Newsletter design & integrated e-mail capture


  • 30 Pages
  • Images
  • Responsive design
  • Styleguide
  • On-brand social media graphics


  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Social media integration

Style & Mood

Color Palette


Russian Violet

Circle with color #5a3c4c


BLue Circle Color 484c5d


violet #421a4c

Russian Violet

circle showing color 352832

Black Coffee


Jeris was looking for a style that represents her writing.  Her newest series has a dark academic, almost gothic feel.  We chose dark, rich colors like deep violet and plum, and images of antique books, beautiful libraries, and,  handsome men.  (She IS an author of mm romance, after all!).  Typography choices are classically romantic with an antique feel.

loverose regular

Cinzel Decorative


Crimson Text

Cormorant Garamond (menus)

Additional Imagery & Calls To Action

Calls to action are either a newsletter signup or Facebook group invitation. Images are full-width scenes of good-looking men, usually reading, some in black & white and using various filters.  


The Nuts & Bolts

Main Pages

Main Pages for Jeris include the home page featuring her upcoming series, newest available audiobook, a CTA for newsletter signup and integrated Instagram feed.  Additional main pages include About Jeris, The Books, The Audiobooks, Connect and The Bonus Content.  Each main page has a main section and a CTA at the bottom.

Secondary Pages

Secondary pages include individual pages for each series, linked to individual book and audiobook pages. Other secondary pages include a Links page which features all Jeris’ social media channels.  The Bonus Content includes a gated section, requiring visitors to enter their email before accessing content.  Another page features sign-up for for Jeris’ Book Club.  Additional bonus content featuring artwork, teasers, and music associated with each book are coming soon.


Let''s Work Together

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