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First Things First


There are lots of different ways to tackle building a website, but mostly you’ll be choosing between these two options:


Custom Website Design

A custom, or bespoke website means your designer has started with a blank page, and, together with you, they have chosen everything on the site. Everything from the colors and font styles to how many pages the site has, which images and backgrounds are used, are designed specifically for your site.  

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Semi-Custom Website Design

For a semi-custom site your designer will use a template, usually called a theme.  Kind of like having a pre-built skeleton, and putting a “skin” over top of it to make it your own.  You can change some things, but not everything – it depends on which theme is used.   This is a great option for getting your website up and running faster, and at a lower price point than with a bespoke site.  Usually most small businesses can find a theme that works for their website.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is the tricky part, of course.  Because every client and every project is different, costs will vary.  As a rough estimate, a semi custom site could cost anywhere from $900 to $3000, sometimes a little more or less.  For a fully custom website, the costs can range widely, anywhere from about $1800 to well over $5000.  It depends on how complex you need your site to be, whether it includes an online store, and many other factors.

**Please note these are guidelines only.  I will provide you with a detailed quote after our free consultation meeting.**

***Canadian residents are required to pay 5% GST – I know, I know… sorry!***

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Looking for Something Else?

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact me. I’m happy to give you a quote for bigger or smaller projects.

The Process

Listen & Learn

I believe in investing time at the front-end of our project so we can make sure we are on the same page.  I want to know who you are and what goals you have for your site.


In the design phase we talk about site layout and function.  We will pick colors and images that reflect your vision.  I can support you with defining your brand identity.


After we have an idea of what we want the site to look like, I start to build.  You'll receive regular updates on how the site looks so you can provide feedback along the way.


After the site is built, we will go over it together and decide if there are any changes needed. Once you're happy with everything, we are ready to launch!

Website Maintenance & Hosting Plans

*you are responsible for providing a domain.  If you don’t already have one I can assist you.


Let's Do This!

Ready to see your ideas come to life?  Shoot me an email or get started with the questionnaire!

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