Following up on last week’s post about why you may want to think twice about using on your Instagram page, here are instructions to build your very own links page on your website. It’s only 6 steps – you can do this!

Step 1

Create a new page called “Links” or “Instagram” – something short and easy to remember.

Step 2

Style the page with your branding. You could include a short welcome message or bio, but don’t put too much on this page – you don’t want it to be cluttered.

Step 3

Add your buttons and set up your links.

Step 4

Removing the header and footer will help the page appear clean and simple.

Step 5

Test it out by making sure all the links go to the right places.

Step 6

Update the link in your Instagram bio, hit the publish button and voila – you’re done!

You’ve got yourself a completely free, custom, on-brand landing page to direct people to all the other places you want them to find you!

Party Time!

Four cupcakes on blue and pink background

The  “Where to Find Me” page on this site is a super-simple example if you’re looking for a reference.

Have any questions or want help getting your custom links page set up? Aerie Web Design would be happy to help you – contact me here!