Happy Fall, Y’All…

Okay, before I go ANY further… “y’all”??  I’m not from the South, or anywhere near it, so is it considered cultural appropriation for me to use “y’all”?   I’m gonna just blow past it, because I haven’t really figured out a good alternative word to “y’all”.

Yes, it’s the first day of Fall, 2021.  I’ll come clean – it’s 100% my favorite season.  I’m the stereotypical middle-aged lady who loves pumpkins spice lattes (although there’s no doubt pumpkin spice has gone way too far over the years.  I have no interest in pumpkin spice toilet paper, pumpkin spice Kraft mac n’ cheese, or pumpkin spice… lube?)

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I do love fall…

…with or without the pumpkin spice… Sweaters and boots, and yummy-smelling candles…  It also feels more like the start of a new year than January 1st does.  I guess it’s the bazillion years of school, for me and now my kids, that has me conditioned.

Fall is going to bring some exciting things this year.  Aerie Web Design will be launching it’s first client site… (okay, she’s a client who has become a good friend… but she did start out as a client!).  Jeris Jean is a new(ish) author who writes steamy but sweet romances featuring LGBTQI characters.  Her books are perfect to curl up with on a cold, rainy day to escape.   Along with managing her new author-website, I’ll be continuing to help Jeris manage some of her social media, and helping to launch her brand new series in November. 

Four cupcakes on blue and pink background

After Jeris’ site launches, I’ll begin work on a new site for a non-profit called Scooter’s Place, in Monroe, Washington.  It’s an amazing place where my son who has Autism learned to ride, and he learned SO much more there than just horseback riding!  Their current site is in need of a refresh, and I can’t wait to start work and see how much a shiny, new website will help them with their publicity and fundraising!!  I’ll be putting both these sites into my portfolio as soon as they’re ready.

Are you feeling like a new website or refresh might be just the thing to get you excited for this next season? Or, if you’re a writer who feels like it’s time to “level up” and get help with some of those admin tasks that come along with being an indie author, you can  contact me here!